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2021 Annual Meeting

Program: To Be Announced

SCRM Lunchseminar


Zoom presentation available

Location: Murtenstrasse 35, Room H814 (top floor)

Happy Hour:  13.00-14.00 - to favor discussions and strengthen the network.

Sandwiches are generously provided by the DBMR (13.00-14.00).

Open for all SCRM platform members and interested guests

Responsibles: Dr. Amiq Gazdhar & Rene Aeberhard



Next Lunchseminar:

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021 from 12:15-13:00


Dr. Ines Marques

Developmental Biology and Regeneration Group, Institute of Anatomy (ANA), University of Bern

Title: "Downregulation of WT1 transcription factor gene expression is required to promote myocardial fate".

Program 2021



PhD Specialization Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (SCRM/GCB)

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SCRM Network Point - Network Seminars

for PIs and their teams

next seminar to be announced
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