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SCRM Research Programs

New Technical and Translational Research Programs in Stem Cell-based Applications for Therapy have been kicked-off and will be officially launched at our SCRM Annual Meeting, Nov 12, 2021 at the Haus der Universität in Bern. See program and registration below.

Goal of the programs is to establish a network for exchange of expertise and technical non-fee based support on a need-to-need basis. More to be announced at our SCRM Annual Meeting


  • Engineered Stem Cells; Leads: PD Amiq Gazdhar, Prof Andreina Schoeberlein
  • Tissue SCs & Specialized cells; Leads: Profs Volker Enzmann, Benjamin Gantenbein, Eliane J Müller; Deborah Stroka-Keogh

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19.08.2021 Kick-off Meeting - Summary

08.10.2021 Follow-up Meeting - Summary


BioBank Insel overview

BioBanking Insel / Application form Cryopreservation of cells

SCRM Lunchseminar


Zoom presentation available

Location: Murtenstrasse 35, Room H814 (top floor)

Happy Hour:  13.00-14.00 - to favor discussions and strengthen the network.

Sandwiches are generously provided by the DBMR (13.00-14.00).

Open for all SCRM platform members and interested guests

Responsibles: Dr. Amiq Gazdhar & Rene Aeberhard



Next Lunchseminar:

Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022 from 12:15-13:00


Prof Paola Luciani, PhD

Department of Chimestry, Biochimerstry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (DCBP), University of Bern

Title: Bioinspired and bioderived drug delivery systems to treat fibrosis

Program 2022
2021 Annual Meeting


Keynote: Prof C. Abate-Shen, Columbia University, NY, USA


Deadline for registration Monday, November 8 2021 - 12:00

Registration closed - fully booked

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8th Annual PhD Student Retreat 2021

2021 PhD Retreat Booklet

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PhD Specialization Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (SCRM/GCB)

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