Prof. Olivier T. Guenat

Prof. Olivier T. Guenat

University of Bern, Medical Faculty
Lung Regeneration Technologies Lab
Murtenstrasse 50
CH-3010 Bern/Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 632 76 08
Fax: +41 31 632 75 76


Activties and Research Interests

The objectives of the Lung Regeneration Technologies Laboratory are to develop advanced microfluidic devices able to recreate in-vivo-like conditions of the lung, including the complexity of the alveolar-capillary barrier, the gas exchanges and the mechanical stimulation of the respiratory movements of the lung. We recently developed a microfluidic system, in which small malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) spheroids are trapped, perfused and exposed to different chemotherapeutic drugs. MPM, an aggressive tumor with increasing incidence, is a therapy-resistant neoplasm associated with exposure to asbestos and is characterized by a locally aggressive growth pattern in the lower parietal pleura and subsequent metastasis as the disease progresses. The current standard therapeutic approach consists of a combination of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, however prognosis remains poor. A recent hypothesis states the involvement of tumor initiating cells (TIC) in solid tumors. Our objective is to characterize those cells in a controlled and perfused microenvironment in order to better understand the behavior of these cells in an in-vivo-like environment and ultimately to develop tools aimed for personalized medicine.


Selected publications

M Felder, P Sallin, L Barbe, B Haenni, A Gazdhar, T Geiser, O Guenat (2012)  Microfluidic Wound-Healing Assay to Assess the Regenerative Effect of HGF on Wounded Alveolar Epithelium   Lab Chip 12: 3. 640-646

S Generelli, R Jacquemart, N F de Rooij, M Jolicoeur, M Koudelka-Hep, O T Guenat (2008)  Potentiometric Platform for the Quantification of Cellular Potassium Efflux   Lab Chip 8: 7. 1210-1215